Coming Full Circle: A Thank You Note

Although we both love steaks bloody rare, legs shaved daily, and time by the water, the bedrock foundation of our partnership is built on a shared passion for nurturing readers through independent reading.  Yet we didn’t discover this shared passion by working side by side or meeting at a conference. Instead, we first because acquainted 140 characters at a time on the #G2Great twitter chat.

Who knew that regularly liking someone else’s tweets and following their blog could lead to writing a book together? Not us! And yet, here we are. And we can’t quite imagine that it ever would have happened without the #G2Great chat.  

If you don’t know about this chat, you’re going to want to check it out. Founded on the tenets of Dr. Mary Howard’s book, Good to Great Teaching: Focusing on the Literacy Work that Matters, the #G2Great is co-moderated by Dr. Mary Howard, Jenn Hayhurst, Amy Brennan, and now Fran McVeigh. This incredible chat draws countless literacy educators across the globe and fosters thought provoking conversation, reflection, and professional learning, week in and week out. And while other chats come and go, #G2Great , now into it’s fourth year, just keeps getting better.   
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